The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 911 Kill Him or Not

Anson walks out of the door and is surprised to meet Bruce. Bruce says, "I suppose Miya is asleep. I want to talk to you."

"I advise you to hand over John," Anson says coldly.

"Why are you still speaking of John now? Just assume he is dead. Don't look for him anymore. Since you like Miya so much, you can be with her." Bruce can't bear to see his son feel upset for Miya.

"Are you forcing me now?"

Anson says in an aggressive tone.

Bruce sighs, "Don't you understand my good intentions? I don't want John to appear again for your good. You like Miya, so I want you to be with her."

He has to admit that his son would only serve others silently and never take the initiative to fight for anything.

Anson says, "You don't get to take care of my affairs. I just want you to hand him over to me." Miya will be happy only if she sees John.

"John is dead. He's truly dead."

Bruce says through clenched teeth.

Anson says firmly, "I know that you're lying. You can deceive everyone in this world, but you can't deceive me."

"Do you want to see them play kissy-face in front of you every day? I'm just helping you. I'm not going to break you up now." Bruce knows his son's temper too well, and he adds, "So I'm here to make peace with you. You're my son, and we shouldn't have had an overnight grudge."

"I only want to see John now." Anson repeats.

"You..." Bruce is so angry that he is lost for words. "If you continue like this, I won't care about you anymore."

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