Chapter 3370

Charlie lightly said, "He almost killed you just now, I saved you back, aren't you going to thank me for saving your life first?"

This government army commander was not a fool, he knew exactly what had happened to him just now.

The moment Walter struck out at him, he knew that he would definitely not survive.

Unexpectedly, he was now saved by this man in front of him.

And. Even Walter, whose strength was superb, was controlled by him.

This shows that this person's strength is far above Walter's.

Thinking about this layer, he hurriedly said to Charlie gratefully, "Master Wade...... ,thank you for saving this life!"

Charlie nodded with a bit of condescension and opened his mouth to ask: "I still don't know what you call yourself?"

The other party was busy saying, "My name is Sayid."

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