Chapter 3371

Hearing that Walter was going to show off his muscles to the negotiators sent by Hamid, the entire 15,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front immediately started to prepare quickly as if they had been beaten by chicken blood.

Except for a very small number of middle and high ranking officers, who were determined to avenge their dead brothers, the vast majority of the remaining soldiers of the Front did not have any feelings about such things as revenge.

After all, they are all mercenaries, from all over the world under the banner of the Cataclysmic Front to fight side by side just to make money, who dies and who is wounded, in fact, does not touch them.

They really care about the issues that are closely related to themselves, such as how much money to earn, dangerous or not, tough or not.

Other than that, it is completely irrelevant and high up.

Therefore, they are so interested in showing their muscles at the moment, not for any sense of collective honor, but they have long been tired of staying in this shitty place, and only want to hurry to be able to end.

Now that the other side has come to peace talks, seize the time to show a wave in front of the other side, the best is to scare them soft and scared, so that they obediently surrender.

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