Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter 3 - Piece of Meat

“Dad.” I smiled on the phone. I and my father share a strange bond. We have the same ego and stubbornness. But again, I was his-son-in-a-daughter’s-body. He protected me when I needed. Called up on my shit when I needed that.

“Sweetheart, how are you? Your mom asked me to call you. You remember we are coming at your place the next Saturday, don’t you?” my dad asked and I can feel he also can’t wait to see me.

“Isa asked you to make some beetroot muffins.” My father then went on with the banter he sees every day. My mom vs my siblings. I was driving happily and soon I reached my destination.

“Okay dad. You are lucky, I reached the mart. Is it only four of you?” I felt my father pause for a second and then he spoke up.

“It’s just the regular, me, your mom, Isa, Alex and...”

“And? Why is he planning to come? After all he did?”

“Seems like he got back to his senses. Baby, please give him a chance. He will make it this week.” I felt my dad sighing in disappointment.

“He claimed the same thing last time.” I was pouring venom through my words.


“No dad. It’s okay. I don’t expect anything from him... either. If he comes, fine. Otherwise, I am happy without him.” I almost yelled.

“I know you are still stuck on that. But, you guys are still engaged. I hope you are aware of that.”

“I know. Leave that asshole.” My gripped tightened on the gear as I felt my anger rising.

“Language Delilah. I know you are mad. I am mad at him too. But deal with it like adults. If you think it’s not going to work out between you too. Call off the engagement and move on.” He warned me as well as gave me a way out.

“Sorry dad. It is just that I can’t control myself whenever I hear his name.” I said it in a low tone.

“I know. The only thing which you got from me.” My dad was done with this conversation now and he made it clear by the tone in his voice.

“Whatever dad. I will see you on Saturday then. Talk to you later. Love you.” I ended the call when I heard my dad chuckle lightly. My dad was always worried about my future, specifically about my marriage.

I finally stepped out of my vehicle and headed towards the mart. Grabbing a shopping cart, I went inside and started filling it. I took out my phone and went through the grocery list. After an amazing hour, I got everything I need.

I was waiting at the checkout counter, when I noticed a familiar set of eyes. Those dark green eyes. Like an enchanting forest, calling me in. He took my breath away the moment I first saw him.