Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter 4 - Damon Aidan Marshall


*Present day*

“Too much of groceries in the cart. Your parents are coming over?” I asked Delilah as soon as I reached her. She didn’t say anything but nodded.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked again in a concerned tone. Seeing her, my friend-slash-crush as she likes to say it, I was bothered. She moved her head sideways indicating nothing was wrong. But I am having none of it.

I intertwined our fingers and planted a kiss on her knuckles. She sighed in contentment. I don’t know what I was doing. I know she was leading me into something she wasn’t sure herself. But being with her felt so good. If that’s how the destruction of a man is supposed to be, I will face it... with open arms.

“You know I am always there for you. Right?”

“I know Damon. I am grateful for that. Really.” She exhaled in disappointment.

I never wanted Delilah to be grateful or something of that sort. I love her beyond her imagination. I even told her once to breakup with her fiancé and I am ready to handle all the consequences. She denied it. I have never fallen for someone this hard, that I wasn’t even bothered to be broken.

After my mother died in a car accident, I cared for no one. But Delilah, she was the angel in disguise, sent from heaven who just took all my problems away. The day she decided to be my business partner, it was the big change in my life. I fell for her... at the first sight.

At first, I thought it was just infatuation. But the more time I spend with her, the respect for her grew. Honestly, she was intimidating towards me on the first day. It intrigued me. How can a person so tiny to me, have so much power over me?

But she knew how to handle her business... alongside with her personal problems. I wanted to have her as my girlfriend, but I realised it was too early. She hasn’t moved on...yet. We became good friends instead.