Sweet Twins

Chapter 640 Having Guesses

"I'm fine. What's the new director's name?" asked Nancy.

"Her name's Brandy Yu. I already told you yesterday that she looked feisty and I am intimated, to be frank. Alas, it is really strange. You just resigned. Why did she come here all of a sudden? Director Nancy, please. I hope you get better so you can come back soon. Everyone is waiting for you," Erin said anxiously.

"I'm not seriously ill, Erin. It's just that everything was arranged on purpose by someone," Nancy said, knowing that Charles was responsible for orchestrating everything.

He didn’t want her to get back to work so he trapped her at home and found a good doctor to replace her position.

It seemed that Charles had made up his mind about not letting her continue her career as a doctor anymore.

Could it have been because of the club or because he wanted her to just take care of their children?

Nancy could accept the latter but if it was the former, Nancy would be very upset.

And because she wanted to find out the real reason behind all that, she continued investigating.

"What should we do, Director Nancy?" Erin asked while stomping her feet anxiously.

"Erin, what are you doing in front of my office?" A clear voice suddenly came.

Nancy and Erin both quickly turned around to where it came from.

A woman in black quilted jacket and pink leather boots approached them.

She was well-dressed, elegant, and beautiful.

"Oh, Director Brandy. I was..." Erin said, wanting to introduce Nancy.

However, she was interrupted by Nancy herself. "I'm a patient here. I got bored and just wandered around. Erin found me here."

Nancy did not want to get Erin into any trouble. After all, she had a special identity then. The former director of the pediatric department was just like the ex-girlfriend, and all the exes like her were the people that they hated and didn't want to see.

found out that it was her that she replaced, she wouldn’t exactly be too excited about

have I never seen you before?" Brandy

Nancy said trying to keep

you better not be wandering

and Erin looked at each other

she even recognize


all, she had just been

said and waved her

"Bye," Nancy responded politely

headed straight to

saw that someone took the elevator before she did, which meant that she would have to wait again, she quickly

the Department of Dermatology wasn't that far

sneered looking

this is Nancy. She is more beautiful than when she is in the picture. Charles really has a great taste,' she

Nancy returned to her ward, she found Charles staring at her with

to stuffy in the ward today, so I went out for a little walk,"

back to your

do you know?"

out for a while

properly applied for my leave." Nancy had been trying to hold back her anger and she was about to explode then. She

playing dumb. I have called for Brandy to replace you.

you know Brandy?"

back in high school,"

Nancy said in

this hospital again. Nancy, I don't wanna see that man ever again. Do you hear me?"

on me all this time?" Nancy

It isn't illegal to spy on my woman. A restless woman, at that. Well, is it?"

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