Sweet Twins

Chapter 641 It's Freezing Outside

It was freezing outside and Nancy was only wearing a hospital gown when she ran out. How could she not feel cold?

Besides, the temperature inside the hospital was relatively high compared outside. Therefore, when Nancy ran outside and met the cold wind, she seemed to catch a cold.

Rubbing her nose, Nancy said, "Charles, I just don't want to see you. You're being paranoid! You keep thinking that I have an affair with Rick. Well, go ahead and think whatever you want. I don't care... Achoo!"

"Well, no matter what I think, I still won't allow you to see Rick. Just give up." Although Charles was mocking her, he was also worried that Nancy would catch a cold today.

She hadn't recovered from her allergy yet, and if she caught a cold...

However, what he was afraid of happening already happened.

After checking the allergen, Nancy became listless and dispirited.

"How are you, Nancy?" Charles asked.

"It's none of your business." It could be told from the tone of her voice that Nancy was feeling weak. She was also shivering from the cold, so Charles quickly called a doctor to check on her. The thermometer showed that her body temperature was thirty-nine degrees, indicating that she had a fever.

When Charles saw this, he shouted angrily at her, "It's freezing outside. Why did you run?"

"My body is my own and I'm willing to catch a cold. What can you do?" Of course, she didn't want to catch a cold; she only said this to let him know that she should be the one making decisions for herself.

Why did he scold her? If he hadn't trapped her at home, she wouldn't have come up with these ridiculous ideas.

There wouldn’t have been a need for her to run outside too. Now that she caught a cold, wasn’t Charles the one to blame?

Why was he acting so innocent? It even seemed like she was the one who did something wrong.

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she became. She lay down on the bed

Charles asked the doctor to give her

a slight cold. I don't want to have the intravenous drip. I don't need it. I'm not made of mud. How could I

you don't want to have an intravenous drip. But make you sure that you get better tomorrow, or the children will think that I have done something to you

if you didn't do anything to me. You bullied me

you like. I don't care." Both of them had gloomy faces, and it

sudden knock on the door


door opened and Brandy walked in with a fruit basket in her

was plastered on her face as she looked at Charles. The way she spoke and the way her eyes seemed to playfully blame him made Nancy think that the two were very close to each

lied to her,

it was not really a lie. Nancy was a real patient now,

Brandy. I'm not a director now. I'm just a

How do you take care of your woman? It's still too early but the hospital is already full of news about you chasing Nancy outside. Do you think this is a

gentle, and her smile was

of Nancy now was totally different

Charles' name so naturally?

intimate are these two people?' Nancy

How's your work? Are you used to it?" It didn't escape Nancy how

they say that three’s a crowd?

At that time, many girls like him, and I was one of

made Nancy look

brain is not working well. I'm going to sleep. You guys talk."

second, Charles had held her shoulders and

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