Surrounded by Angels

Surrounded by Angels

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A story about a fallen angel who helps people realize that angels are not only creatures in the sky, but that we are all, in fact, surrounded by angels.------------------------------------------------------"What is this? Where am I?" I let out expecting to get a response, but I found that there was no one near me in that terrifying darkness.I was reaching everywhere around me so that I could find out where I was, but I still wasn't able to comprehend."Hey! Is someone down there?" I unexpectedly heard a male voice. After being trapped wherever I was for such a long time, I have finally gained some hope that I might be rescued after all."Hello? Help me, please! Save me! I just came to your world!" I shouted in sorrow hoping that it wouldn't frighten the other person."What?" I heard that voice again, whoever it was sounded confused."My name is Leona!" I assumed if I introduce myself to the voice it will be more comfortable and won't think of me as a monster and run away.......

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