Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 95: Still Being Arrogant Even Though You Have Hit Someone

It was forty minutes past eleven, and Emily rushed out of the school building after packing up her stuff the moment her class ended.


When she had just taken a few steps out of the building, something was hurled towards her.


Emily was alert enough to dodge that incoming object by darting sideways, but she couldn't keep herself completely unaffected by that thing.


It turned out to be water but not some acidic substance which could disfigure someone's face.


She glared at three people who were standing on the side, “What do you mean by this?”


“I don't mean anything by doing this, it's just that the weather is too hot, and we're spraying water to cool down the air. Who knows that you would be in our way?”


The girl who was holding the pail retorted with her own reasoning.


“You're the one who doesn't know what's good for yourself; everybody knows that we're spraying water here so they have left this space. You, on the other hand, barge in just like that.”


The other two girls behind giggled as they added, “You're right, how can someone be so stupid? You're getting sprayed by water we used to wash our legs, haha...”


There was a crowd of onlookers nearby them but nobody was thinking to intervene. They were just interested to see how things would develop, so they could enjoy themselves.


Emily clenched her fists while sweeping her icy glare at the three of them. Then, she bit her lips and stomped towards the school gate.


But before she could cover any ground, she was stopped by a girl abruptly.


“Stop right there, you ugly duckling. Do you think you can just run off like this after bullying someone?”


One of the girls next to her immediately stumbled to the ground as she started to moan, “This is so painful! Emily, why did you hit me?”


Emily had a new perception on these girls after hearing that. They were so good in acting, why don't they all become actresses? This was a sudden occurrence; she didn't know she could bully someone when she's just passing by here minding her own business.


Some of the onlookers immediately understood that these girls were trying to frame Emily! But as the numbers of onlookers increase, many more were unaware of the truth surrounding this commotion.


They only saw a girl who was wailing and moaning on the ground, and Emily the ugly girl was being halted by them. It pretty much looked like Emily was trying to run away after hitting someone but she was caught.


“What do you want?” Emily stared at these girls in front of her while asking flatly.