Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 94: I Want to Get Her Upright

Emily and Terry were heading to the hotel just as Liam had said. But, Joe and Sally immediately arrived at the hotel. Emily and Terry were just one step ahead of them. They never intended to go on a secret date in the first place.


“How could the landlord suddenly pull back your room? He didn't even inform earlier. This is too much!” Sally complained as she was packing her stuff.


“I heard that this has something to do with the Winston family. Since that incident surrounding Amy had happened, it is natural that the landlord has decided not to rent that place to us anymore in an effort to vanquish suspiciousness.”


Joe was not one bit disturbed by this at all. The landlord already returned them their deposit, and they didn't need to pay for one month's worth of rental money too. In the end, they were the ones who benefitted from this. But, about them having no choice but to stay in a hotel...


Joe scanned his surroundings before landing his gaze on Emily. He was obviously feeling quite uneasy.


“Emily, this hotel room must have been very costly. How much we need to pay to sleep here for one night?”


“Around five hundred Yuan.”


“Five hundred Yuan!" Joe exclaimed, “Why didn't you choose an affordable hotel? There's a modest hotel near the school, 

and it only costs around two hundred Yuan for one night.”


“Terry is hurt now, how can we just simply stay in any hotel which is not up to par? What if he is infected by bacteria?”


“I'm fine.” Terry displayed a smile as he replied nonchalantly, “This is just a minor injury.”


“How could that be a minor injury? Your bones are on the verge of exposing themselves.” Sally retorted as images of his injury came to her mind. She couldn't help but shudder at the thought of his injury. It was a terrifying injury!


If he was slashed with a greater force, could Terry still preserve his arm now? She recoiled at the thought of this!


“I haven't expressed my proper gratitude yet.” Emily looked at Terry and she was harboring the same thoughts as Sally. She was still affected by that previous incident.


“You don't need to thank me.” Terry hated it when she wanted to thank him like this. He changed the topic immediately, “When you went back last night... Did Hunter make things difficult for you?”