Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 90: Don't You Need to Be Responsible

In fact, it was Peter who knocked on the door just now.


Peter pushed the medical vehicle in and saw the wound on Hunter's arm. He was taken aback, "Master, has the blood stopped?”


Hunter casted his gaze on Emily.


Emily's heartbeat speeded up instantly, and there was a feeling that she didn't dare to meet his sight.


This guy, what did it mean to look at her now? Wasn't this just telling Peter that she made this bleed again?


Peter looked at Emily, and then at Hunter, his eyes finally fell on Hunter's wound.


He sighed slightly, helplessly, “Well, Milady, Master Hunter is still injured now, you can't fight at this time if you have any contradictions.”


However, only Emily dared to fight with Hunter.


But then again, Hunter couldn't beat Emily? Did Hunter do easy on her?


Emily's face turned red. She didn't know if Peter said it on purpose.


He said intimacy as a fight, was Peter really unable to understand, or just to give her an out?


No matter what it was, fighting was better than hurting people when they were canoodling. It sounded more comfortable.


She said in a hurry, "You should treat him first, he is bleeding again.”


“Okay.” Peter holding the disinfectant water and ointment wanted to sit down by the bed.


Unexpectedly, the man sitting on the bed still stared at Emily, with a look of domineering, “Who made it, who is responsible.”


Emily bit her lip, walked to the bed with her head lowered, and took the disinfectant from Peter.


When Emily looked up, she couldn't help but glared at Hunter.


“It wasn't on purpose.” Why was he so serious?


People who didn’t know what happened would think she really hurt him!


"If you hurt someone, don't you need to be responsible?" Hunter's gaze was so indifferent, making people unable to see any