Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 89: Are You Dreaming About Me?

Emily was startled and flustered suddenly.


Emily lowered her head hurriedly and looked away, did not dare to look at his chest.

"Sorry..." She stood up and picked up the nightgown.


"Sorry for not caring about me, or sorry for peeking at my body?” The man's indifferent voice made people unable to hear his 



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Emily bit her lip, not knowing how to answer this question.


Maybe, both.


She didn't speak, trying to put on his nightgown, but there was an injury on his arm.


After hesitating for a long time, Emily asked tentatively, “Young Master Hunter, or else, will you be naked tonight?”


“It's so convenient for you to take a peek at any time?” He didn't seem to joke.


Emily's face became even redder, what did this man talk?


How could he be so serious while joking?


The point was, she knew that he didn't like to make jokes.


"l admit that you look really charming and can fascinate a large group of girls, but Young Master Hunter, you are injured now, 

even if I want to do something, I will not take advantage of it.”


He dreamed about what she wanted to do to him every day, this man was really conceit.


However, he did have conceited capital as he looked so handsome.


Emily still couldn't help but muttered a few words, "You are injured now, and you may not have certain ability. What can I do 

with you?"


She just wanted to express that she was not thinking about something else at the moment.


But after saying this, the meaning seemed to change suddenly.


Hunter frowned lightly and stared at her, "Do you think I am incapable?"


His eyes were a bit dark and he was obviously displeased. He grabbed her wrist suddenly and stared coldly, "Would you like 

to try?”


"No, you're welcome, it's not necessary...”