Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 83: Go Home Now

"Joe, we need our own Official Accounts and microblog. It doesn’t need money. Find a way to get it done as soon as possible.”


Emily, holding white paper, distributed several hundred thousand dollars at the conference.


“Also, try to purchase a batch of computers and drawing boards. You have to buy twenty sets first. I'll give you 50,000."


"Twenty high-quality computers and drawing boards?"


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The manuscript format of the comics was very large, and correspondingly, the memory requirements of the computer were also very high.


In addition, high-quality drawings also required high-quality drawing boards


On average, each set was 2,500 dollars, with a high-configuration computer and a drawing board.


"You are good at computer. Even if it is an old computer, you also can turn it into a good thing.”


Emily patted Joe on the shoulder and said with a smile, “] believe you. You can definitely get me a bunch of treasures in the second-hand market.”


Joe almost cried. High-quality drawing boards couldn't be second-hand. New ones cost more than a thousand.


In other words, she could only cut the budget for computers.


But only 1,000 dollars for highly one configured computer?


She felt much depressed.


Emily decided not to talk to him about it. She looked at Terry.


"This office, which has been renovated, may not be suitable for us in many places and will have to be renovated.” Terry 

nodded and waited for her to continue.


Emily said, “Well, the renovation fee... ls 50,000 enough?”


Terry was wondering how much money he had.


Finally, he nodded, “Enough.”


"Emily, renovate more than three-hundred-square office with only 50,000 dollars. Are you kidding me?" Sally took up the