Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 84: They Were Coming to Kill Them

Emily really wanted to say something domineering, "I just won't come back."


However, she finally said, "There is an activity at school. It will be very late. So, I won't go back tonight. I have class tomorrow."


After hanging up the phone, Sally winked at her.


"What do you mean by school activity? You are obviously dating a man! You're done. If Young Master Hunter knows it, he 

must do for you.”


Here were Joe and Terry. Both of them were handsome men, oh boys.


She actually lied that there was an activity in the school. This was an obvious concealment and deceit!


"You are such a gossip. Do you want to call Young Master Hunter and say I'm lying to him?"


Emily rolled her eyes at Sally, and took out her phone and handed it to her, “Come on, call him and squeal, maybe Young Master Hunter will pay you money for information.


Sally looked at her phone and shrank her neck.


“No, your man is so scary, I don't want to contact him!"


Although a man like Young Master Hunter was so handsome that he was worthy of her life, for Sally, she only dared to appreciate him but not dared to contact him!


His indifference, as well as the innate domineering would made whoever got close vanish in an instant.


Only Emily, such a scatterbrain, dared to be his fiancée.


Sally didn't dare, she felt stressed even she walked close to him.


“Since you dare not, don't talk so much nonsense!"


Emily put away her phone. After spending a whole day cleaning in the new office, she was too tired to sit still.


"Terry, contribute your shoulders quickly."


Terry pulled the chair to her side, letting her lean against him.


They had been good friends for a long time and never felt that there was anything wrong with this behavior. But the man in 

the car in the distance looked cold.


There was an activity in school and it would be late?


Good, very good!