Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 80: Young Master Hunter, They Are Watching Us

When Emily pulled the needle out of Hunter's body and casually threw it into the trash basket on the side, Peter and Liam looked incredulous


The Young Lady had done it! She really did it!


Since they had been following the Eldest Young Master for more than ten or twenty years, they had never seen him take an injection.


For the things the Young Master didn't want to do, no one could force him, not even the Old Master and his father!


But now, with just one kiss, the Young Lady had the young master completely submissive!




She was really high!


However, if the Young Lady was better-looking, perhaps this scene would be more beautiful... “Alas!”


"Well!" After an injection, Emily was about to get up. But she didn't expect the man on the bed to pull her over.


With a flip, he actually fell directly on top of her.


Hunter put his long fingers on her lapel. “Hiss!” Emily's dress was suddenly torn open with a long slit.


All the people on the scene were dumbfounded!


She was dumbfounded. So were Peter and Liam. staring at the two figures on the bed without a moment's moving, they were stunned.


They thought, “Was... Young Master going to perform live... that ...... having sex performance?”


“Hiss!” Another sound rang. And a large portion of Emily's skin was exposed to the air.


She had a hard time avoiding Hunter's lips. And after taking a big breath, she panicked and shouted in a low voice, "Don't look, don't... *


Liam turned around speedily, walked quickly to the French window, and pulled the curtains closed.


Peter was busy putting away the syringe needles from the wastebasket and began to pack up his things.


Peter thought, “These medical wastes and ordinary garbage shouldn't be put together. They had to be specially treated.”


Emily's hands were on Hunter's body. She said anxiously, "Young Master Hunter, Young Master Hunter! Stop it! You're still sick!"


The man on her body was unaffected by her words. He continued doing what he needed to do. And finally, he lowered his head to seal her lips.




Liam squatted down and continued to clean up the curtains.