Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 22: Take pity, from what


Emily doesn't know where she ¡is taken. In her daze, she was carried up a bed and thereafter someone was attending to her wounds.


'Apart from the gash on her forehead, there are no other injuries. The red spots on her body is rashes due to allergies this I will prescribe some medicine and they will subside very soon.'


"It's fortunate that the gash on the forehead is not big, with the best medicine, it wouldn't leave a scar.'


There was another person in the room who was talking but she couldn't identify the voice.


"Master Hunter, I already investigated, apparently yesterday morning it was Wendy who brought something for Missus to eat, thereafter Missus broke out in rashes.'


"Thereafter it was Charles who found out that Kate wanted to harm Missus and Charles sent Kate away in anger.'


"When Master Manson heard about it, he captured Missus to help Wendy vent her anger. Thereafter it was what we saw.


Emily could recognize Liam's voice. The other voice was the personal doctor of Master Hunter, Peter Yan. But in this room, there was another man who though he didn't speak, his stifling presence was felt by everyone.


Thereafter it became quiet because everyone left but the presence was still there.


There was a cold and intense gaze on her that kept staring at her, by her side protecting her.


it's a pity her eyelids were too heavy, Emily tried several times but couldn't open her eyes.


Either she was too tired or the medicine started to take effect, she finally lost consciousness.


A commeotion woke her and it felt that the room had a few more people. Someone respectfully greeted: 'Madam Jackson."


Madam Jackson?


her eyes and sat


grandma! Grandma is still


with this girl? You haven't recovered, quick


eyes became red immediately. She didn't shed a tear when she was hit and humiliated but now as soon as she saw Madam .Jackson she couldn't


her voice was rough, she didn't say


was not her grandmother but in her previous life, she


she didn't live long and passed on due to illness a


and love made Emily feel truly loved as a


that she was able to see her again, she was happy and


the crying girl but remained


Of course, he also didn't understand why his grandmother


tear-soaked face for a couple of seconds, felt so sorry for her: “Girl, who bullied you. Hunter, was it


you." Madam Jackson took a pillow and threw it at him: "You scoundrel, she hasn't married into the family and


the chance to rebut and ate a face full of a pillow, he couldn't

wiped her tears. When she saw the high and mighty Master Hunter defeated by Grandma, she wanted to


that Master Hunter treats everyone coldly. In his entire life, there were only two who


Hunter.' Emily wiped the corner of her


him Hunter.' Madam .Jackson gently pats her hands. 'Don't worry, although he looks a little


whether he is a


to determine whether Master Hunter is a good person. lt is hard to convince anyone that he is a good person when he functions


nods her head in order not to let


and the gash on her forehead and


| have something to say


would grandma


he always listens


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