Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 23: Invitation?


Emily just came out of the bathroom and was startled by the man sitting at the chair.


Just a second ago she was just figuring out how to avoid this man and now he appeared right before her. She was scared senseless.


"Master Jackson.' She thought and decided to be direct, 'Im fine now, I would like to go home..


She was feeling much better after the injection, the medicine, and sleeping for half a day. Other than feeling a little sore on the forehead, there was no other discomfort.


"You're sure you want to go back to the Gale residence?” Surely, she can imagine what Manson may do to her after Manson was embarrassed there.


Emily hesitated but then nodded.


Although Manson was a dangerous person, to Emily, Hunter was even more dangerous.


Furthermore, the danger that Hunter presents, although it's not fatal, can be unbearably painful.


For her own survival, this life she needs to be as far away from him as possible.


"What's the reason that you are willing to risk dealing with Manson and his men than to be with me?” He suddenly stands up.


Once Hunter stood up, those who face him will have a feeling of being suppressed. Even when Emily was standing a distance away, she still felt the pressure.


"Master Jackson, let's talk... She stepped a few steps backward.


He continued to walk towards her, Emily's heartbeat started to race and pound. She hates herself for being weak, each time he approaches she will have difficulty breathing and cannot relax. But she can't help herself.


Hunter walked in front of her and Emily wanted to back away but he pulled her towards him.