Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 16: I've been wronged it wasn't me


"What does Master Jackson want to tell me?” Charles asked as he walked into the room. Wendy felt very awkward, she felt as if she had been set up. Emily this bitch, don't tell me she did this on purpose?


“Nothing, father, l sent up some mushroom soup for Emily. | haven't had the chance to chat with her."


It's critical that she clarify her presence: 'I'll take my leave since both of you have something to discuss."


"Sister, aren't you the one who wanted me to inform Dad something related to Master Jackson? Why are you leaving?"


Emily laughed mischievously. She looked like her old self, loöoking as innocent as she is stupid.


Charles was only concerned about what Master .Jackson said. What ever Master Jackson says is an edict to him.


Wendy panicked and quickly replied: "No, I have totally no say in whatever happens between you and Master .Jackson. Dad,I'III...'


"Actually he didn't say muụch. Master Jackson said that we will be engaged in three days' time. During this period, to let father take care of my face."


care of her face? Wendy was


out the Emily that is before her. Is she still the Emily who she knew? Was she


and laughed cheeklly, 'Master


nonsense makeup, Master Jackson will definitely like your face." Charles yawned a few times. Is this daughter so stupid to call him up at


said: 'Father, sister made some mushroom soup, they were delicious, would father like to


eat afterwards. I'lÌ send him back to rest.' When Emily mentioned that she had personally prepared the soup, she felt


halfway out the door with her father, surely nothing


the bowl of soup fell onto the


Charles looked back and was scared out of his senses: "Emily, what happened to you? Dont


Emily laying on the floor holding her face screaming


face... her


and was the engagement ceremony in three days


die, you


Wendy was slapped onto the ground and half her face was


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