Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 15: True enough, you're an idiot


A cold kiss, brutal stare, caused Emily to breathe with difficulty. She took a long time to overcome it.


Hunter left and took with him the air of reverence. Emily finally understood that Master .Jacksons purpose last night was to help her put an end to speculations about what happened last night.


He wanted to tell her that as long as he is happy, no one can bully her, not even her own family! But if he wasn't happy, he can squash her like an ant.


He wanted her to know that he is the one controlling her life


He was upset that she had used him to vent the sexual desires brought about by the effects of the drug and then abandoning him.


Does he have to be so petty?


Why didn't she know in her previous life that Master .Jackson was so petty


That night, Emily had difficulty sleeping. She didn't intend for the engagement ceremony to be delayed or canceled.


On daybreak and after washing up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Even Emily couldn't resist and remarked. Fair, clean, fine and without blemish! She really had the face of an angel! Even during the previous life the cold and steady Master. Jackson was surprised by her natural beauty.