Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 11: Not even a glance


Hunter actually came! Emily never expected that her attempt to calm the situation actually materialized. But, it's 2 am, why is he here at this hour?


When the Gale family heard that Master .Jackson is here, everyone became excited and anxious.


Charles and Kate immediately went† out to receive him. Wendy quickly checked her makeup and rushed out.


Only Emily felt an inexplicable unease and retreated quietly to her room as everyone was out to welcome Hunter.


When Hunter emerged from the car, every Gale family member was shocked. They could see that his body was damp and the shirt and trousers were creased. lt was obvious that they were wet and dried soon after. His hair was out of place and looked like it was wet from a downpour. What happened to Master Jackson?


But the important thing was, even though in this state, he still exuded an irresistible attraction to the ladies. Not only was his image unaffected but his roughed-up looks emitted a unique magnetism. Even when a man sees him, theyÏl be floored by his superiority and not dare to look directly at him. But what caused this to Master Jackson? Furthermore, after being wet to this extent, he didn't change and came directly to their house?


"Master Jackson, why didn't you inform us before coming?”