Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 12: I'll accompany you


Emily put on makeup before coming down. She did a smoky dark emo style in a hurry and looked like a zombie.


Wendy and Kate's heart relaxed. Charles on the other hand was shocked, "Why... did you do this? Hurry up and wash away that makeup!"


She was so innocent and pretty a moment ago but now, she looks horrible!


What kind of look is this? This daughter of mine is beyond hope! Instead, Emily smiled as she walked to her father. She didn't think that her makeup looked terrible.


She laughed, 'Father, why did you summon me? I was about to sleep! Ïm so tired tonight!"




Since you are tired, then, let's not discuss what happened tonight. Go and rest.' Hunter stood up. But he didn't leave, instead, he walked towards Emilyl


He was calm and composed without a hint that he was angry but Emily could smell danger.


a smile, "“Then... I'll go up first, please


previous life, Hunter hated her thick makeup. She learned not to makeup so as to please him. She didn't expect that everyone thought that she was prettier without any makeup.


anything, Emily


she heard a deep voice from behind, 'I'll


Does he mean that he ll accompany


heard, but following that, Hunter said to


disrespected your daughter causing the engagement


actually shouldered


then surprised, then


that it is possible


The man Emily


that be? Someone who looks so bad after makeup, how could


what our Master meant was, he wishes that the engagement ceremony will be held in three days' time. Does Mister Gale


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