Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 9:  What is that?


What would make you dizzy, body heat up and feel strange after drinking it?


Charles' attention was now on Wendy. He was almost fifty and he wasn't a fool. What drink did she drink and why did his second daughter give it to his youngest daughter?


Wendy was full of guilt, she shook her head, "Father, | didn't drug Emily, how could I..."


Emily blinked those big round eyes and stared at her accusingly but innocently, Wendy, what do you mean drugged? Did you drug me? `"


She was only eighteen and it was easy to pretend that she didn't know what was happening.


Emily, with a little experience now, certainly acted very convincingly!


"Wendy! What did you let her drink?" Charles frowned angrily.


lf Wendy had really done anything to sabotage Emily and Hunter .Jackson's engagement, he would pay for itI


have drunk something she shouldn't have and she was afraid that

She is just


acting it up, there were even mist


be aware of what kind of


Wendy is well khown in Bentson City, do you think that she could


has always been a little naughty. Who are you going to trust,


serious in her studies and obedient to her parents. Whether it was helping others or schoolwork, it has


participated in several social events in Bentson City and promptly became known as the most popular socialite in Bentson City. She was not only beautiful but she was also very talented.


Emily who was still standing at the stairs. He was


always been a delinquent. She doesn't like to study, she smokes and drinks,


be saved by


said, "Emily, your sister wouldn't have done that to you, I'm afraid this is


laughed coldly without a


'problems' were because of Wendy. She smoked, drank heavily and wore heavy make-up only once at the bequest of Wendy. Someone took her photo


in her previous life, Emily admitted

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