Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 8: Second sister, what did you let me drink


"1s Emily here? What's going on? Get her down here immediately!"


As he arrived home, Charles stomped his feet in anger when he heard that Emily was upstairs in her room. He thought that his youngest daughter had met with an accident with or without Hunter .Jackson. But why did she come here alone? Does she intend to abandon her marriage? What the hell was going on?


That good for nothing girl! She isn't even that pretty and yet Master Jackson was willing to marry her, how can she be so useless! lf she offends Hunter Jackson, how will the Gale family survive in Bentson City? She's going to drag all of us down.


His wife Kate Gale glared at the maid and shouted, “Hurry and get Emily down!"


"Yes, Madaml" The maid rushed upstairs.


Wendy walked briskly into the house and also heard that Emily was in the house. She looked at Kate for confirmation and Kate nodded. Wendy rushed over to Charles who was now furious, she said softly, 'Dad, you have high blood pressure. Don't get overly agitated, it's not good for your health."


She needed her father to relax.


"Emily ran away from her engagement, how are we going to explain this to Hunter .Jackson?”