Christina went to work in the new company these days.

Because she had not been assigned to a position yet, she had no pressure at work for the time being.

As a freshman, her bright face was full of smiles and vitality.

"Grandpa, this beauty app is so good that it can turn a sow into a beauty."

"Be serious"

"I also heard that this beauty app can make old people look like the time they were young.I am really curious about this function.Grandpa, you have to sit still and look straight at the camera.Don't move..."

When something new happened outside, Christina would take the initiative to share it with Senior Mr.Hopkins when she got home.

Senior Mr.Hopkins didn't want to talk to her at first, but he was attracted by her enthusiasm.

Finally, the two of them gathered together to study these new things.

Because of Christina, the whole Hopkins family became relaxed and happy.

Even Patrick smiled a little more these days.

In the morning, Patrick was hugging his lovely wife on the big bed.

He looked at Christina's beautiful face and eyebrows, smiling.

Christina was a person who was always happy, and who could always bring happiness to the people around her.

People work hard to get money and live a decent life, but what humans really wanted was a simple, comfortable and happy life.

Patrick gently hugged Christina tightly.

She was the treasure he pursued so hard.

"Sons, your mother is going to make money"

Christina was so energetic as she would be assigned specific work today.

Before going to work, she did not forget to hug and kiss her twin babies.

Patrick drove her to the industrial park in the west of the city in a luxurious car as usual and dropped her off 100 meters in front of her new company.

Christina had complained about this before.

She felt that Patrick was reluctant to buy her an ordinary car as he said that it was not safe, but she did not dare to drive the car of the Hopkins family to work.

"You said that my company's legal person is Charles's eldest brother, but I heard from the old employees that the company's personnel was adjusted and half of the old employees were fired.There were new rules for operation management as well"

"It seems that a new senior manager has suddenly come to take over the management..."

Seeing that it was still early, Christina chatted with Patrick in the car about her work at the new company.

"The legal person is still Charles's big brother, and it's a normal personnel adjustment"

Patrick explained to her, "It's common to invite talents from the industry to adjust the management of the company if the company does not develop well"

He didn't care much about what partner Shepherd had found.

The purpose of the businessman was to make a profit.

Patrick continued, "Come back home if you don't like your work."

Christina then asked him sullenly, "Do you really want your wife to be fired?"

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