Christina worked in an advertising company.

It was not a giant one.

Besides planning advertisements for new products, its main business was to train Internet celebrities for live streaming.

Its workers were divided into two groups.

About 30 workers did normal nine to five jobs in the office, and hundreds of broadcasters focused on live streaming.

"Do you mean online games commentators that children are addicted to now?"

She finally got a real job with her perseverance.

All the members of the Hopkins family felt relieved.

She had been busy with job interviews for seven days.

Every day she came home, she was on the verge of breaking out.

They were worried about her.

Fortunately, she found a job.

However, Senior Mr.Hopkins was not satisfied with her new job, "It's not a proper job"

He thought that online games were harmful.

"Grandpa, the online game streamer is not as bad as you think.As long as I'm not addicted to them, it doesn’t matter.It's for entertainment.Being good at playing games can also make money.Moreover, E-sports has been incorporated in the Asian games."

Christina got up early to have breakfast with Senior Mr.Hopkins.

She told him more details about the new type of sport.

"Online game streamers are not included in the advertising company.It seems to focus on advertising products"

Christina didn't know much about it either.

"Most streamers go to the original place of the products, such as fruit forests in the mountains and wineries of special foreign wine.It is called live commerce.There are eating broadcasts, in which broadcasts jockeys eat in front of the cameras."

Senior Mr.Hopkins frowned, "Do you mean the audience watches them when the live streamers are eating?"

"It's boring! Who will watch other people eat? How disgraceful it is to play on the phone while eating!"

He couldn't understand the hobbies of modern young people.He thought that they kept monkeying around all day.

"Grandpa, it's a hobby too.” Christina thought for a moment, "Yesterday, a Japanese girl finished a large bucket of braised meat.It was very greasy! I didn't know how she did it."

She admired the girl from the bottom of her heart.

Many live streamers tried every means to gain more views.

But Senior Mr.Hopkins ignored her words and shouted, "It's a waste of time!"

The Hopkins family didn't allow such behavior.

He turned around and taught her a lesson, "No one is allowed to skip dinner and have midnight snacks in the kitchen.

Please behave yourselves well in the Hopkins family"

Christina wanted to explain that it was his grandson who liked to eat midnight snacks.

She was not the one to blame.

Although Senior Mr.Hopkins was rigid, he was just a paper tiger.

"Junior Mrs.Hopkins, Senior Mr.Hopkins has asked us to prepare some longevity noodles for you."

Nanny Fang brought a large bowl of longevity noodles to the table, smiling.

She quickly handed her chopsticks and a spoon.

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