Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]




Dillion's POV

Flashback to the hospital.

"Come on Dill, don't have me killed. Instead of killing me, why don't we have fun?" Matthew said from where he was.

"Come on" he said again and walked to the door, he opened it and held it open for me.

I stared at him and walked out, he closed the door and followed me.

"You wanna see her first?" He asked but I didn't answer him.

"I'll take that as a yes, come this way" he urged taking me towards a VIP section. "You requested for her to be placed at the VIP ward,she was and thinking about it, she's such a beautiful lucky girl but unfortunately I don't know who she is to you because you refused telling me but I think she is a good girl" he kept on talking until we got to her ward.

I looked inside her ward through the transparent glass door and saw her laughing and playing with her phone, alongside one of the wards.

She doesn't look sick anymore, I thought and left immediately while Matthew followed me from behind.

"I thought you were gonna get in, are you scared of seeing her or what? Huh! Huh!" He kept saying, disturbing my peace.

"Will you shut up Matt? You talk like a woman" I hushed.

"What? How dare you compare me to a woman? Anyways let's have fun" he yelled then said.

I walked out to the garage.

"Wait, what? Why are we here? Are you leaving now? Shouldn't we grab a cup of coffee or something? I thought we were gonna be having fun!" He kept screaming while I got into my car.

"I aren't no kid Matt, go play with your patients" I breathed out then ignited the car engine and drove out leaving him staring at the back of the car.

Later that same day.

"Um..Boss I saw that guy again, I did some investigation using the cards that fell off his pocket. The cards aren't real, they are his fake identity card. The bastard came prepared, I still don't know which gang he is from, I think his name Matthias is also forged, everything about him is fake" Luwis who had come into my office narrated.