Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



(Why is he so close?)

Shawna's POV

I stared at him in fear as he vanished. I walked to the bed and dropped my bag anxiously wondering what he really wanted.

Should I take a bathe first? Who knows...but he only gave me seconds.

No no, it's just a minute. I cant risk it, I thought and ran out of the room to his. I got to his and met the door slightly opened, I pushed the door aside and walked in fully to the room.

He was sited on his bed and was doing something. I couldn't see what he was doing tho because he was backing me.

I shut the door close and walked up to him. I stood without uttering a word. He should know that I'm here.

He didn't react to my presence for a long time and now I can see what he is doing. He Is actually reading some documents with him.

I stood close to 5 minutes before he finially spoke up.

"Take that and get out" he's voice came out hoarse.

I looked over at what he was referring to. It's a package in a box and the box is inside a small white nylon.

I gulped and walked up to the small package sitting on his dressing table, I picked the content up and turned to look at him.

I wonder what's inside, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should I say anything?

Oh gosh! I'm so confused.

"What are you waiting for?" He raised his head up and stared at me curiously which made my heart beat faster.

"No... nothing" I replied and quickly left his room, on getting to mine I opened the small package at the door.

I didn't bother reading all that's written on the package before getting the thing out. I was handling it with speed and something fell out of if. I took my eyes to look at the wrapped little thing and discovered it to be an ear piece.

My heart skipped a bit, I then decided to read the whole stuff written on the package and discussed it to be a phone.

The small package almost fell off my hand too.

What???? An iphone?