Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



(Sold out)

Shawna's POV

My heart beat rapidly increased as the person that pushed the door open walked in and then stopped on seeing Luwis and I in that position.

I gulped and sat up then shifted away from Luwis who also sat properly on the bed.

"Shawna, what's going on here?" Ma'am Sandra who just walked in asked.

She has a surprise look on.

"Um...he...I.." I stammered thinking of what to reply but couldn't find any.

"I was teaching her how to use her new phone, I'll get going" Luwis was the one that answered after a long silence.

I watched him as he got up and left afterwards shutting the door behind him.

I felt weird. It felt weird that ma'am Sandra had to find me in that particular position with him.

I fiddled with my fingers, my eyes fixed on the floor. I know it's wrong. I feel guilty. What if Dillion finds out?

Oh I'll be so dead if he finds out but I know ma'am Sandra won't sell me out.

"You called him to come teach you how to operate your new phone?" Ma'am Sandra suddenly spoke up walking to sit on chair close by.

" actually, he just visited and knew about the phone" I answered turning to look at her.

"Don't try it again, don't try to get so close with him. You don't know him, even if you do know him as long as you're here and you're Dillion's....." she sighed and continued.

"My point here is, maintain some distance with him. It won't be so good once Dillion finds out that you two were actually that close."

"Lemme tell you one thing. Dillion actually hates sharing. That's why he has never been to a hotel just to play with some random slut for the night. He will never do that, he is reserved so he hates it. Have that in mind" she concluded.

"Anyways explain how today's classes actually went" she said after a pause.