Shawna's POV

I sat cuddled on the floor, the room was a bit dark and there were others teenage girls like me.

There was fear written in all our faces. Who couldn't be afraid in this situation?

We all have been sold. Sold to a sex house.

Men come here and purchase us like items, they buy us and take us to their houseses to warm their beds for them.

I couldn't have been here. No I shouldn't be here. It was my wicked step father. That man sold me out, he is so wicked, I thought I could bear his wickedness until I'm old enough to leave the house but unexpectedly he sold me out like an item.

He is the most wicked man on Earth. The most wicked.

My mother had married him when my birth father died but unfortunately she joined him and ever since then, the man has been a pain in my body.

Especially when he gets back drunk, he uses me like a punching bag and later asks me to sleep outside, I'll have to spend my night outside till the next morning but as if that wasn't enough, he wickedly sold me when he heard about this organization that buys young ladies for sexual pleasure.

I didn't even no it was a sex house until I got here and saw what was going on.

There were a lot of old men with pot belly playing with girls like me - naked.

I got really scared but my fears were confirmed when one of the girls in this room narrated the whole thing happening here.

"I just pray that I won't be sold out to an old man" she had said then.

"They're no fun at all and they especially uses you three to four times a day."