(Let her in)

Shawna's POV

They drove for a very long time, a very very long time that made me feel uncomfortable and stuffy in between the two men.

But finally we arrived a big gate, there were lots of heavily built men stationed at the entrance.

They opened the gate and granted access to us. We drove in and I didn't sight any house or whatever.

They continued driving, there were only tall trees around.

Hmm, haven't we gotten there? I wondered trying to stare around but got restricted by the men.

They continued driving turning and turning and then finally got to another gate, the gate was also opened by the guards stationed there.

We drove in and shortly after saw another giant gate, the biggest of them all.

Wow, that's three gates.

The securities here were much and tight.

They drove in again and the first sight my eyes landed on was the big waterfall up ahead.

It looked so beautiful just staring at it.

They drove pass it and drove into what seemed like a garage,parked and came down. I came out of the car with them and one held my hand preventing me from having a look around.

I think this isn't a house. It's more like a mansion.

They dragged me to the car of the guy that had bought me. He was with a stick and was smoking.

He glared at me and groaned out a "follow me."

He started walking away and I followed him, he got into the house and I entered with him.

The look of the interior design is great but unfortunately I can't stand and look around the way I want because the guy steps were fast and in order to catch up with him I'll had to run walk.