It feels like it's been hours since the doctor left, and I did exactly as I was told. I ate the food and I dressed in the grey sweats, and sweater, put on the socks, and oversized boots, which baffled me completely as to why I needed them and all the undergarments in the bag, and now I'm pacing my cell wondering if I imagined they had any importance. Maybe he really was just being thoughtful and giving me items to aid comfort, and I was looking for something that was not there because I am so desperate for an out. I rummaged the bag, and food, wondering if maybe he left some sort of something, like a key card for me, and came up with nothing except confusion, convincing myself I imagined it completely.

I can't stay here like this, watching her sleep the day away, and if all he is going to do is take tests and fill me in with stories that screw up my head, then this is hopeless. I'm trying to process all of it, and I can't swallow it right now, doing what I do best and pushing it to one section of my brain for a later date. When I can handle how awful it makes me feel. Right now, I need to stay focused and find a way out of here on my own.

When Juan gets here, I'm all but useless against him and his men and can't do crap about anything, especially not him, as long as this damn building holds my ability to turn captive. And Sierra over there 'hey thanks for rendering my gifts useless at a time in my life that I could actually really be using them, and then getting yourself knocked out so I can't access them. Stellar planning!'

A seer who doesn't predict the possibility of not being able to give a girl back what's hers if your beloved mate comatoses you! What kind of seer is that? And what kind of witch binds her own child and leaves them motherless for ten years if she saw it all coming? If Colton had the ability to see things, and not been bound, maybe he could have found her a long time ago and avoided all of this. None of this was smart planning on her part. It's really messed up.

I stop my erratic mind brewing and moving around, only to watch that same female come and tend to Sierra's machines, pausing my manic foot stomping around my small space as she disappears just as quickly without looking my way. I can sense her apprehension the whole time she's in there, keeping her eyes averted, obviously uncomfortable they have a prisoner down here and I watch closely at what she does before scampering off, acting like I wasn't over here staring. Not that she did much to watch. Pressed some buttons, check some fluids, move Sierra's bed up and down, and rearrange her position to avoid sores. Prop her pillows, and turn her on her side, before pressing some more buttons, changing her bed sheet, and leaving her alone again. Basic care, and nothing too exciting. I guess I'm thankful they do at least show her some compassion and tend to her frequently, turning her and such.

No matter how much I stand and glare like some kind of creepy psychopath at Sierra, nothing is waking that woman up, let alone will power. I can't imagine what eight years in an induced coma has done to her to be honest. What state her mind and body would be if we did wake her up and now, I'm starting to doubt if that is plausible at all. For all I know, the drugs over the years have wasted her mind to mush anyway. Her body has been inactive for so long that I'm assuming instant recovery is not going to happen, and if she's even capable of being woken after so long. In a building where her powers have been bound, then she's mortal and susceptible to all the damage and harm an induced coma would do to a human in eight years.

Not to mention the fact she's lost almost a decade of her life, and what would coming to do to her now? Last time she saw Colton he was a nine-year-old boy, and now he's a stocky, arrogantly handsome man … or the making of one anyway. That is bound to mess her up and disorientate her if she wakes up, and ten years ago was just yesterday in her mental timeframe. The world has changed so much, and her mate has brought our mountain to ruin in that time. Our people are divided by class, and worth, and the Santos rule with fear.