Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 14: A War is Coming

Chapter 14: A War is Coming

I sit quietly in the bedroom I was frog marched into some hours ago. The food tray some random Santo dumped in here for me untouched, as I've literally no appetite and I'm laid out on the bed, staring at the endless white ceiling of a room that probably cost more to decorate than they spent on the orphanage the whole time I was in it. Bored out of my mind, but since my explosion, nothing in the house is working. Nothing electronic, no lights at all, and they are working on rectifying it. I'm still not convinced I did this, but it all seems to point this way.

Apart from the boarded-up window and the now décor free shelves and such after they swept through, removing the carnage of smashed items, it's pretty nice. Gold and cream with brown leather and opulent fabrics. It's like a hotel boudoir in a five-star establishment and bigger than the entire lounge and kitchen at the rejects home.

The Santo's always were one of the wealthiest packs in Radstone, and it shows. Their pack house is a mansion with endless corridors and rooms, and they have stuck me in their west wing, far from everyone else in the building until they figure out what I can do. I could scream and erupt in here and no one would hear me.

The house is now echoing with distant banging, drilling, and all sorts of construction sounds, as they try to secure their abode once more and I can't say I feel any kind of remorse. I mean at first, I was in shock, kept questioning if I really did that, if I was capable, and now, I'm numb once more. Shunned to an unused part of their building, nothing changed there from being one of the black marks they left to rot on the darker side of the mountain. I'm exhausted, in need of sleep but completely blank to all other emotions.

A light tap on the door draws my attention from trying to count cracks that aren't there, and I know before they open it who it is. I can feel him. Felt him making his way down the hall towards me moments ago and I really don't want to see him, or anyone for that matter.

That intense excitement at his presence, that was there before, is waning with everything that's happened since. The bond isn't weakening, but my own emotions are overpowering everything else right now. Grieving a family I never knew was mine, and replaying the horrors, while also trying to push them deep down in the recess of my brain.

"How are you holding up in here?' Colton's voice sways my way as he slides in, that sultry sexiness that does still manage to illicit tingles on my skin, closing the door behind him quickly, and I catch sight of him checking the hall before he does. It's obvious by his swift maneuver that he shouldn't be in here with me and is defying some rule, probably from his father, or maybe Carmen. Checking no one followed him to the empty side of their palace. I sigh, look back at the ceiling and ignore him. Annoyed that he is a part of all this and just another member of a pack that's outcast me for years.

"Still pissed, huh?" There's a defensive quality in his tone, not his usual commanding strength, and I roll away to face the wall and turn my back on him. Said all I needed to downstairs, and I don't know why he can't just leave me alone. He told me that's how it was going to be that day in the forest, and yet he's the one who keeps breaking his word and reaching out to me. He's pretty useless at staying away, and it doesn't help.

Every contact, every conversation, just makes us bond all the more, and feel like I really do know him. It doesn't matter if our interactions to date have been sporadic and brief, I know him inside and out in ways that only imprinting can give you.

"I don't blame you. What you said before…. It's true. I did make a choice, but you know why, Lorey. Don't hate me for that. Not that right now any of that holds significance with the new current events. The elders are in lockdown in the grand hall, I couldn't stand being in there anymore, I had to come make things right with you and to talk." I hate that he has a nice voice, unique, sensually melodic, and that it alone, is enough to affect me.

I close my eyes to blot him out, wondering if the topic of the day is Vampires, or the freak wolf who just busted their house up. Not that I care enough to ask. I remain still, don't react, open my eyes again and continue to stare at the shadowy and uninteresting cream painted wall. My body betraying me in small ways at his nearness, but I clamp down on the sensations winding through my limbs and stiffen to stop his effect on me.

"Say something, please." Colton appears closer in a flash, and I jump when the bed dips behind me, his warm body sliding up close against me as he too lays out and slides an arm around my waist to turn me. I don't resist, but let him roll me onto my back, pulling my face to him until we are almost nose to nose, leaning over me, scooping down to bridge the gap. An intimacy he shouldn't be encouraging.