Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1183

Realizing that he must have spoken out of turn, Lucas was silent.


Luna furrowed her brows tightly once again. “ Lucas.“ She turned to look at him seriously. “I’m asking you.“

Only then did Lucas take a deep breath and sigh. He looked in front, driving with difficulty under the heavy rain while answering solemnly, “Yes. When you met with the accident under the heavy rain back then, I was with Mr. Lynch at Sea City. He initially thought you pulled a prank on him when he heard you got into an accident.

“Once he found out everything was real, he… immediately canceled the most important meeting to the Lynch Group. He abandoned the collaborators that came from far away at Sea City and rushed back to Banyan City with us.


“It was also because Mr. Lynch stood the collaborators up back then that it hindered the growth of Lynch Group’s overseas business.“

Lucas sighed.

Back then, Lucas had just graduated from college. He was only a lowly assistant who had been working for Joshua for not long.

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