Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1182

Anne and Bonnie had even made a bet that Luna’s and Joshua’s fake relationship would turn real and they would end up happily together.


However, no one expected that such changes would happen that night. Neil suddenly turned out to be Aura’s and Joshua’s children.

The man of the hour during the engagement ceremony had changed to another person, too.

Both of them accompanied Luna the entire night. Luna was still in the bar even as morning came, at 10 a.m., when she came around.


Anne and Bonnie were drunk as a skunk, sleeping soundly. Luna yawned and got up to head out, planning to head out and buy some breakfast for them before waking them up.

When she pushed the door of the bar open, she realized that it was raining heavily outside. The skies had changed their colors due to the heavy rain.

She furrowed her brows. Just as she was hesitating whether she should risk going out in such a heavy rain just for food, her phone rang. It was from Nellie.

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