Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1163

Adrian’s men soon brought in Aura.

Aura wiped her tears as she was brought in. She slowly headed toward the stage. Aura was still in the same clothes as she recorded the video, dressed in white. Her knee-area was stained with dirt from kneeling a moment ago.

The fabric around her knees was also somewhat torn. The tears on her pants around her knees made one think back about how pitiful she looked when she knelt on the ground, begging Luna and Joshua to let her go.

The crowd bemoaned.


Luna stood in the same spot, looking at how Aura was escorted in. She felt as if a huge hand was squeezing her heart tightly over and over again. It was sufferable.

Before the ceremony that day, Luna had already expected that Fiona would show up. That was why she thought of all the ways, including keeping watch on the entrances tightly, checking through each and every staff member.

Luna thought the stricter she was, the more anxious Aura would want to enter to wreak havoc.

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