Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1162

“Joshua Lynch, what on earth are you afraid of?”


Michael walked up the stage and took the microphone in Neil’s hands. He mocked, “Are you afraid that people would know that besides Nigel and Nellie, you have another illegitimate son?

“Or, are you afraid that once Aura and her son turn up, they’d expose how you harmed Luna back then, then wasted five years of Aura’s life, only to abandon her in the end?”

Michael harrumphed coldly and pointed at Joshua below the stage. “You’re a scumbag! A b*stard! How could the Lynch Group be in the hands of someone like you? It’s a disgrace to the Lynch family!”


Joshua smiled and gracefully leaned back on his wheelchair. His deep gaze looked at Michael on stage calmly.

“I’m not fit to be the president of the Lynch Group or manage it… but you are?”

Michael harrumphed coldly. “At least I’m no dirtbag! I’m clean!”

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