President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 393 Coming Out Clean

The atmosphere solidified like cement.

Natalia opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but not sure exactly what to say.

She knew what Archie didn’t like about the whole situation, but sometimes, it wasn’t up to her whether they met or not.

As opposed to promising she could and being unable to keep that promise, she might as well tell it like it was.

Considering that, she pursed her lips and murmured, “I’m sorry, Archie. I know you care a lot about it, but I really do have my own troubles. I promise you, though, when this is over, I’ll tell you everything. Can you wait until then?”

Archie frowned.

In his deep gaze, there was icy judgement.

After a long pause, his lips twitched with irony.

“As you please.”

Ever since that day, Natalia and Archie fell into a cold war.

The two had been married for a year and a half and usually stuck to each other like glue. This was the first time such a huge rift had come between them. Even Mrs. Dottie and Anne could feel something was wrong between the two.

Mrs. Dottie was worried. After all, she’d seen the two get up to this point from the beginning, and knew their feelings and temperament better than anyone.

Unless something huge had happened, it wouldn’t have gotten this far.

So Mrs. Dottie had tried to get them to make up in private.

But the two wouldn’t tell her their reasons, and as an outsider, there was a limit to how much she could do or say.

Mrs. Dottie could only sigh and pray that the two made up soon before anything bigger happened.

On the other end, Natalia also knew that it wouldn’t do to carry on like this.

She knew what kind of personality that man had. With his ability, and with something like this happening, he could have asked investigated himself without asking her opinion.

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