President’s Sweet Wife

Chapter 392 Won’t See Him Again

In an instant, countless cameras were levelled at him and fired away in a barrage.

Shawn froze there to the spot, and when everyone had taken their photos and stepped back, they riled up instantly upon finding it really was him.

“Mr. Miller, I heard you were meeting your ex-girlfriend Mrs. Natalia McCarthy here, is that true?”

“You’ve been separated for a long time; are you reigniting the flame now?”

“You do know she’s married to Mr. McCarthy now, don’t you? Do you still think it’s possible for you two to be together?”

“How many times have you met up in private until now?”


Countless sharp questions pressed forward. With everyone soaked in the excitement of tabloid news, they forgot that Shawn was still tied up and gagged and couldn’t speak.

It was until the end before a reporter finally found that something was wrong.

He hurriedly walked up and took the gag out of his mouth.

But the moment he did, Shawn raged, “What are you babbling about? I’ve been kidnapped! I haven’t even seen Natalia at all!”

The reporters were speechless.

The hotel staff members were speechless.

Shawn wasn’t stupid, after all. With her status now, Natalia wasn’t someone he could make an enemy of.

Besides, the two had long since become past tense. If he admitted he still had a private affair with Natalia, it wouldn’t benefit him.

Because of that, Natalia was fine leaving him there.

At this moment, on the other side.

Natalia took Felix with her as she jumped into another room through the balcony, finally escaping the hotel while there was nobody outside.

Considering that she’d been set up like this, the reporters wouldn’t just be swarming around outside the room, they ought to be downstairs at the hotel too. So the pair had taken the back door.

But the moment they walked out, a black sedan screeched to a stop in front of the two.

Felix cocked an eyebrow.

“What do you think your husband would do if I told him that the man you were having an affair with was me and not Shawn Miller, little Seven?”