I looked at the two stacks of money and shook my head, "aunt fan, you are really good. Are you preparing props anytime and anywhere, waiting to pit me?"

Aunt fan's face turned green.

When I didn't respond, Qin Zhaomin stepped over and slapped me in the face with a "slap"!

All of a sudden, my eyes were full of flowers and my ears were buzzing.

I heard Qin Zhaomin scold me angrily, "we gave birth to you, raised you for three years, you steal our money, still call us that?"

"Jiaqi!" Qin Jiameng falsely came to help me and said to Qin Zhaomin, "Dad, Jiaqi has a criminal record now. It's hard to find a job. No company wants her. She must be forced to do so."

I sneer and push Qin Jiameng away, "don't pretend, OK?"


"Look, if you help her talk, she doesn't even remember a good thing. It's such a heartless thing!"

Fan Yu pulls Qin Jiameng to her side.

"It's you..."


When Qin Zhaomin raised his hand to hit me again, Qin Ci, who was sitting next to him, finally spoke.

She waved to me and said in a kind voice, "come on, Xiao Qi, sit here with me."

"Mom, you can't be cheated by her again!"

When Qin Zhaomin saw that they had worked hard for such a long time, Qin Ci's attitude towards me didn't change at all, and the green veins in his forehead burst out.

I listened to Qin Ci and sat on the sofa beside her.

She touched my face and asked with concern, "does it hurt?"

I nodded and then asked her, "grandma, do you believe me?"

In this family, Qin CI is my only relative.

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