I picked up my tablet and searched Qin Jiameng's set of design drawings.

This set of drawings has been posted on the Internet.

I have to say that this is a very mature design, and the degree of completion is also very good.

But I can't be more clear about Qin Jiameng's situation in the University.

Most of the courses in the design department are graded according to homework. She hardly goes to class. Occasionally, she just goes to bed. When she hands in her homework, she asks for help at a high price.

Many of the other subjects in the exam were hung up several times. Finally, Fan Yu came forward to give money to the teacher and barely passed.

Graduation project, she is not her own work.

It's not that I doubt her ability.

But such a person, unless completely transformed, otherwise it is impossible to complete such a design!

Moreover, many details of this design are from experienced designers.

Originally, it was Qin Jiameng's business, and I didn't care.

When I was picked out to plagiarize, Optimus was also damaged, which had nothing to do with me.

However, when I turned off my tablet, I saw a very humble mark in the corner of a design drawing of Qin Jiameng.

It reminds me of a person!

"Miss Chen..."

I murmured.

At University, there was a distinguished professor named Chen Lan in the school of design. She was a very powerful designer. She had her own studio and won international awards.

The reason why she came to our college to give lectures is that she and our Dean are old friends.

Only in my senior year, Chen Lan died of depression.

But at that time, because of Qin Jiameng, I also had a little interest in fashion design. Once, when I was doing a graduation project, I had a chat. She also asked me to see her latest works at that time.

It is highly similar to Qin Jiameng's works.

I remember Chen Lan said at that time that the design had not been finished, so it was not released to the public.

But at that time, she allowed me to take this set of works and let me go back to study it.

But before I could give her feedback, she died.

If I had that set of photos, Qin Jiameng would have something in my hands.

"That set of photos..." I'm in a daze at the tablet. I thought about it for a long time before I remembered it.

My set of pictures at that time was on the computer I used in school.

And this computer is in Qin's house now.

Although I'm not sure if they have thrown my things away, I have to go back to Qin's house and get the computer back.

Now I am like a street mouse in the Qin family.

I hesitated for a long time before I got up from the sofa and changed my clothes. Then I picked up Qin Jiameng's wig and put it on my head and put on a make-up.

At the gate of the Qin family, he knocked.

At that time, I thought that if Qin Jiameng was there, I would say that I miss my parents and want to go home to have a look.

But I'm lucky.

There was no one at home but a servant.

The servant opened the door for me and asked, "Miss, you are not with your wife. They have gone out. Why did they come back alone?"

I was a little nervous, afraid they would recognize me, and I said in my voice, "come back and get something."

With that, he quickly went upstairs.

The servants didn't seem to be suspicious either.

After I went upstairs, I didn't go into Qin Jiameng's bedroom. Instead, I went to my former bedroom.

It has become a utility room for a long time, but fortunately, the previous furniture is still there.

When I was still hopeful, I found that the things in the furniture had already been emptied, not to mention my previous computer, clothes and even photos.

I was a little lost and at a loss.

The sound of the car stalling came downstairs.

Then I heard the voices of Qin Jiameng and Fan Yu.

It's over!

I quickly came out of the room and went downstairs in a panic to go out. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Qin Jiameng and Fan Yu standing at the door.

Two people see me first Leng for a while, Qin Jiameng immediately reaction, came forward to remove my wig, "Qin Jiaqi, what are you doing!"

Fan Yu also reacted to me.

The servant came out quickly and was stunned when he saw me with my wig removed.

Fan Yu scolded the servant directly, "who is the first lady, can't you tell?"

"Sorry, I, I didn't notice."

The servant apologized in fright.

I saw that the servant should have come here instead of aunt Qiu.

Out of kindness, I said, "she can't tell Qin Jiameng from me, and she's not to blame."

As soon as I spoke, Qin CI focused on me, pointed at me and asked, "what are you doing here?"?! Is it stealing? "

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