I picked up my tablet and searched Qin Jiameng's set of design drawings.

This set of drawings has been posted on the Internet.

I have to say that this is a very mature design, and the degree of completion is also very good.

But I can't be more clear about Qin Jiameng's situation in the University.

Most of the courses in the design department are graded according to homework. She hardly goes to class. Occasionally, she just goes to bed. When she hands in her homework, she asks for help at a high price.

Many of the other subjects in the exam were hung up several times. Finally, Fan Yu came forward to give money to the teacher and barely passed.

Graduation project, she is not her own work.

It's not that I doubt her ability.

But such a person, unless completely transformed, otherwise it is impossible to complete such a design!

Moreover, many details of this design are from experienced designers.

Originally, it was Qin Jiameng's business, and I didn't care.

When I was picked out to plagiarize, Optimus was also damaged, which had nothing to do with me.

However, when I turned off my tablet, I saw a very humble mark in the corner of a design drawing of Qin Jiameng.

It reminds me of a person!

"Miss Chen..."

I murmured.

At University, there was a distinguished professor named Chen Lan in the school of design. She was a very powerful designer. She had her own studio and won international awards.

The reason why she came to our college to give lectures is that she and our Dean are old friends.