"Sorry, Mr. Ji, I'm not very interested in this."

I answered truthfully.

Then he looked down at Ji Qingxuan's hand holding my wrist, and then looked up at him, "Mr. Ji, your fiancee just lost her child, and now she's crying inside. You're holding me here and asking me to participate in a design competition

Isn't that bad? "

However, my words did not change Ji Qingxuan's behavior.

The man looked at me and twisted his eyebrows together. He continued to talk about the design competition. "In this competition, I will invite the best international interior designer to be the judge. If I win the prize, it will be very valuable."


I looked at Ji Qingxuan doubtfully.

I don't know what he wants to do.

The man looked at me and said, "if you want to be on your own in the future, the competition is a good exercise opportunity and a shortcut for you to stand on your own."

Ji Qingxuan's words made me more and more confused about what he wanted to express.

But there is no denying that his words touched me.

When I haven't made a statement, Ji Qingxuan added, "there's lance Harris in the judges."

Originally, I was just excited.

But when I heard the name, I almost looked at him in disbelief, "who?"

"Lance Harris."

Ji Qingxuan repeated the name again.

This person can be said to be one of the most legendary contemporary designers in the world.

Known as a genius maniac.

He is not only an interior designer, but also an architect.