"Sorry, Mr. Ji, I'm not very interested in this."

I answered truthfully.

Then he looked down at Ji Qingxuan's hand holding my wrist, and then looked up at him, "Mr. Ji, your fiancee just lost her child, and now she's crying inside. You're holding me here and asking me to participate in a design competition

Isn't that bad? "

However, my words did not change Ji Qingxuan's behavior.

The man looked at me and twisted his eyebrows together. He continued to talk about the design competition. "In this competition, I will invite the best international interior designer to be the judge. If I win the prize, it will be very valuable."


I looked at Ji Qingxuan doubtfully.

I don't know what he wants to do.

The man looked at me and said, "if you want to be on your own in the future, the competition is a good exercise opportunity and a shortcut for you to stand on your own."

Ji Qingxuan's words made me more and more confused about what he wanted to express.

But there is no denying that his words touched me.

When I haven't made a statement, Ji Qingxuan added, "there's lance Harris in the judges."

Originally, I was just excited.

But when I heard the name, I almost looked at him in disbelief, "who?"

"Lance Harris."

Ji Qingxuan repeated the name again.

This person can be said to be one of the most legendary contemporary designers in the world.

Known as a genius maniac.

He is not only an interior designer, but also an architect.

His works are free thinking and self-contained, and the inside and outside of the building are all at once.

In a word, if you can see him and even let him say something about his works, it's the dream of many designers.

It's a pity that he's a strange man and never shows up in public.

He won't even go to see the president.

How can you come to such a small game?

I stare at Ji Qingxuan, trying to find the answer from his eyes, but the man's black eyes are as quiet as water.

I can't find the answer I want.

I smoked the hand that Ji Qingxuan held.

I can't pull.

I can only look up and say to him, "thank Mr. Ji for reminding me. I'll think it over. You'd better go and see your fiancee."

Ji Qingxuan looked down at me.

After a while, he said, "I have a reason for everything. You give me a period of time to deal with it. I'll..."

"President Ji." I had already guessed what he was going to say, so I had to interrupt. "That day you left, you made a choice. In the future, my relationship with you is nothing more than the relationship between the superior and the subordinate. If you can't see me accompanied, I will be single all my life."

I've been cheated by him so many times.

I don't want to get entangled with him any more.

Because I know that, in that way, I will only lose myself on the road, go further and further.

Ji Qingxuan has been silent for a long time. I can feel the strength on my wrist loose.

I raise my hand, shake off the man and leave without looking back.

In front is Qin Ci's ward.

When I went in, deep feeling was hard to hide.

"Did they say you again?" When Qin CI saw me like this, he thought it was Fan Yu and them.

"They all think I did it."

I didn't admit it, I didn't deny it.

I really hate being led by Ji Qingxuan's words and deeds.

But I can't control it.

Qin CI waved and asked me to sit next to her, holding my hand and saying, "Xiao Qi, don't blame grandma. This time I'm sick, I can feel that my time is running out..."

"Grandma, don't talk nonsense!" Qin Ci's words made me feel tight in my heart and quickly said, "who has no minor illness or pain? You are in good health and will surely live a long life!"

In fact, this time, I don't know why Qin Ci was ill.

Guess it has something to do with Qin Jiameng's disappearance.

Qin Ci was lying on the bed, looking at me with a kind smile, but his face was a little dull.

She sighed for a long time and shook her head gently. "I always feel that the Qin family is sorry for you. Although I have thought about it, it's a pair of twins. How could the hospital make a mistake and only hold one, but now it's useless to think that if I go, Zhaomin, Fan Yu and Xiaomeng are your only relatives..."

"Grandma, don't say anything unlucky."

I know what Qin CI is going to say.

When people are old, they feel that family affection is very important.

But she didn't know that the three of them were a family, and I was just a stranger, even if I worked hard a hundred times.

"Xiaoqi, you are a sensible and clever child. Xiaomeng has been spoiled since she was a child. Zhaomin and Fan Yu just haven't accepted you. When they get old and have a long time, they will know that you are more sensible than Xiaomeng."Qin CI took my hand.

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