Bed three, isn't it Qin Jiameng?

At that time, Qin Ci was sleeping, and my first reaction was to walk out with my mobile phone.

Go to the door and close it.

At this time, the corridor outside has been a mess, doctors and nurses voice mixed together.

"What's the matter?"

"I don't know. She wasn't at the time of my rounds. I didn't pay attention to her. As a result, the security guard just said that a patient was found on the roof. I saw that it was bed 3!"

The nurses who said this were crying in their voices.

If Qin Jiameng has any problems, she must be implicated.

Several doctors took the nurse upstairs.

This meeting, Qin Zhaomin and Fan Yu are not here.

Qin CI is resting again.

That is to say, I am the only one related to Qin Jiameng in the whole Shengxin hospital.

I followed a group of doctors and nurses and went up the elevator with them to the top floor.

It's April now, and the weather is warm and cold. After I went up, I saw Qin Jiameng standing on the edge of the roof of the top floor in a thin hospital uniform.

There's a fence, about one meter three high.

It should be to prevent someone from accidentally falling down.

But this time, Qin Jiameng was standing outside the fence, which was only about 20 cm wide.

As long as one step, will fall downstairs!

"Don't be impulsive!"

A doctor was shouting.

I just went up, Qin Jiameng saw me, had been silent, suddenly pointed at me and said, "she, that woman!"

The eyes of all the doctors and nurses around me fell on me.

A doctor misunderstood her meaning and immediately said, "what's the matter? I'm not asking you to look after it. The patient won't come up!"

There's a security guard on the side who wants to drive me away.

I'm not interested in this matter. I know Qin Jiameng won't really dance. She just wants to force the Ji family to come forward and give her an explanation.

Better promise her an identity.

I turned around and was about to go downstairs when I heard Qin Jiameng's voice behind me

So I was asked back.

Qin Jiameng pointed at me and said, "call Ji Qingxuan! Tell him if he doesn't come, I won't live! "

So it is.

Ji Qingxuan came to see him that day, and it seemed that he left in less than ten minutes.

As soon as he left, Qin Jiameng's cry was so loud that I could hear him when I went to the corridor to take out the garbage.

After that, Ji Qingxuan never appeared again.

Qin Jiameng asked me to call, and all the doctors asked me to call.

But I had to call Ji Qingxuan.

Although the number has been saved, but the number is still remembered.

I played the number, just put the phone to my ear, I heard a man's voice inside, "Hello, Jiaqi."

In less than a second, Ji Qingxuan answered my phone.

When his voice came from the other end of the phone, I couldn't help but be stunned. I was so happy and seemed to be smiling. When I heard it, I could almost see the thin lips of a man when he was answering the phone.

It's like, he's very strange. I'll call him.

I opened my mouth and forgot what I was going to say.

Didn't seem to hear my voice, Ji Qingxuan asked again, "what's the matter? What can I do for you? "



“……” The words about Qin Jiameng are stuck in my throat.

At this time, not far from the rooftop, Qin Jiameng was worried, "what's the matter! He didn't answer the phone

The doctors and nurses around also urged me, "did you answer the phone? Tell him quickly

"What's the matter? Is there a lot of noise around you? Where are you? "

Ji Qingxuan didn't seem to change her mood because of my silence.

His tone still sounds very happy, and his voice goes up unconsciously.



The man's words soon, doctors and nurses around me urged me, I finally opened the mouth, "Qin Jiameng in Shengxin hospital inpatient department roof, said not to see you will jump, you come quickly."

Then I hung up.

I dare not even listen to Ji Qingxuan's next words.

As soon as the phone hung up, Qin Jiameng asked in the distance, "what did he say? Will he come? "

"He didn't say that."

I said.

To be exact, I didn't listen.

But I think Qin Jiameng will definitely come for things related to him.

Sure enough.

About half an hour later, Ji Qingxuan appeared surrounded by a group of bodyguards. In addition to bodyguards, he also took his assistant Li Kai behind him.

He looked at me, the quiet eyes, as if brewing something.I shrunk my neck subconsciously.

Step back.

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