"Why don't you try?" Ji Zhaoming didn't mean to flinch.

When several gangsters hesitated to start, one of them called, "brother Qiang, the patrol is going here."

"Damn it! You're lucky

That strong elder brother finished saying and got on one side of motorcycle.

A few punks left.

Ji Zhaoming turned around,

"thank you." I stood in front of Ji Zhaoming. I was embarrassed when he saw me like this.

Then he wanted to leave.

Ji Zhaoming called to me behind his back, "you don't wear shoes. How do you plan to go?"


In fact, because I took off my shoes to run, there seemed to be glass on the road, which was stuck in the center of my feet at this time.

Just now, I didn't feel that I was running for my life. I would stand down. I just found that my feet hurt when I didn't walk for a while.

"Get in the car." Ji Zhaoming said gently.

Then I opened the co pilot's seat for me and got into the driver's seat by myself.

After I went in, Ji Zhaoming first said, "sorry, my car is cheap after all. Maybe it's not as comfortable as Xiaoxuan's car."

"No, no, good."

I said quickly.

Ji Zhaoming started the car and asked me, "today is your birthday?"

I was stunned and looked at him.

With doubts in his eyes, he asked him, "how do you know?"

Ji Zhaoming glanced out of the window and said, "today Xiaoxuan has bought all the buildings that can be contracted. Let alone me, I'm afraid few people in the whole Yancheng don't know."

I turned around and saw that the lights of the building outside wishing me a happy birthday were still flashing.