I look up, not by a Leng.

See is the design department of different groups of colleagues, called in quietly.

I used to get a ride together because I worked with her on a community project.

I'm not familiar with it, but I know it.

I nodded.

After she sat down, I lowered my head to continue to eat, but heard her say, "Qin Jiaqi, yesterday I saw president Ji come to meet you, yesterday's flash screen is yours?"

“…… It's not me

I immediately denied it.

"Why don't you admit it? People say that Ji is always your sister's fiance, but yesterday I saw that when Ji always picked you up, he treated you very well, too..."

Yu is two years younger than me. He has just walked out of the campus and is simple.

Maybe it was the people and things I contacted recently that made me a little wary. I looked at her and said, "in that case, I'm not a junior?"


Yu was obviously stunned by what I said.

Then he immediately waved his hand and explained excitedly, "that's not what I mean! I don't think so! "

When she spoke, she hit the chopsticks on the chopsticks, and one of them fell to the ground and rolled to my feet.

I picked it up for her.

Looking at Yu's embarrassed appearance, I was also a little embarrassed and shook my head, "it's really not me. What you saw yesterday may not be me, it's my sister."


"It's not really me!"

I stare at her and say for sure.

After all, Ji Qingxuan and I are too close to each other. Even if she doesn't think much about it, some people with ulterior motives will use it to make an article.

Yu quietly seems to be aware of something.