After a few days, I lived in Ji Qingxuan's house in Yancheng No.1.

To my surprise, Ji Qingxuan asked me to sleep with him, but he didn't have any relationship with me.

Ji Qingxuan at work, servants are generally in the room, I do not call will not come out.

I checked inside and outside his house and found no trace of Qin Jiameng.

Does Qin Jiameng appear several times, not to Ji Qingxuan's home?

So who is she going to?

Making sure that she didn't come to Ji Qingxuan's house, I decided to go out and look for a job during the day.

Although it's March, it's still a little cold. The heating has been stopped at home and it's chilly for a long time.

That morning, I got up and waited for Ji Qingxuan to go out.

But the man sat at home after breakfast and didn't seem to leave at all.

"You don't go to work?"

I sat across the table and asked him.

The man gracefully touched the corner of his mouth with a tissue, looked at me, and said to me gently, "this weekend, I'll accompany you."

With me?

"Well, I'll take you out after dinner."

Ji Qingxuan said with a smile.

"Out to play?" I look at Ji Qingxuan, some doubt, "where to?"


Men have a mysterious look.

Maybe I've been on the alert for Ji Qingxuan recently, but he didn't adapt to me.

But I didn't say much.