I don't want to wear it, but my clothes are not suitable for staying on the island.

You can only find one with the most fabric to wear.

When I changed my clothes and put sunscreen on the outside, Ji Qingxuan had changed his beach pants.

Perfect chest curve, strong eight abdominal muscles completely exposed.

It's really eye-catching.

The man seems to see my eyes a little straight, step forward to hold my hand, said, "come on, take you for a walk."

To be honest, this is my first time to see the sea.

When I was a child, I grew up in an orphanage. I didn't have any chance to go out to play. When I grew up, I was busy working to make money, and I didn't want to go out to play.

Although I tried my best to control my excitement, I still couldn't help running after the rising and falling sea water.

I can't help living on the beach and writing my name.

A few hours later, exhausted, I lay on a couch by the sea.

Some islanders brought coconut juice with straws.

As soon as I had a drink, I heard Ji Qingxuan say, "go back and have a rest. Don't come here."

My hands trembled with fright, and coconut juice dropped on me.

When I want to wipe it with my hands, the man's big palm is covered up, his head is lowered, and the coconut juice is wiped off with his tongue. Then he straddles on the beach chair, and his dark eyes seem to twinkle with lust in the golden sunset.

I can't help but shrink back, but the man continues to press up.

A big palm around my waist, the other hand picked up the coconut juice, a tilt, will be most of the coconut juice on me!


I was startled.

Before I could escape, the man had already bitten my bikini belt

Ask me in a husky voice, "baby, I want it."

Then, without waiting for my answer, I started the next step.

The golden sand beach, the blue sea, the beautiful sea breeze, and the man's action is like a storm, will I crazy devour.

Ji Qingxuan and I stayed on the island for three days.