I just realized that I didn't smell any alcohol so close.

He's awake.

I dare not think, looking at him, said, "that brother-in-law don't say drunk, you love Qin Jiameng, you can't love me in your life, you said it yourself."


Ji Qingxuan was a little lost in what I said.

He looked at me, dark eyes deeper, "yes, I used to really think so, but I was wrong."

"Mr. Ji, I said, with her, without me, with me, without her. If she goes to prison, I will come back to you."

I look at Ji Qingxuan with firm eyes.

At that moment, I saw the hesitation in Ji Qingxuan's eyes.

I laughed sarcastically, "Mr. Ji, I'm innocent in prison, but she deserves it. But when I'm in prison, you don't care, and she's in prison, but you don't want to. Don't you have the answer in your heart?"

"No, I..."

When Ji Qingxuan seems to be hesitant to say something, a hand comes from my eyes and pushes him away!

Ji Qingxuan was a little absent-minded at that time, and he was pushed away.

It's Lu Qiaoyu.

The next second, I was protected by Lu Qiaoyu and said to him, "what will Ji always do to my girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" Ji Qingxuan can't help frowning when he hears this address, looking at me and asking, "are you his girlfriend?"

When I hesitated about what to say, Lu Qiaoyu held me in his arms.

The man's arm is very strong, I lean on his arms, can hear the man's heartbeat.

I looked up and said to Ji Qingxuan, "yes, I'm already his girlfriend. Mr. Ji, I'm just garbage you don't want."

I deliberately belittle myself, but in order to let Ji Qingxuan not fight Lu Qiaoyu.

"Oh, didn't you just say that when she was in prison, you would come back to me? Why do you have a boyfriend? "

Ji Qingxuan is standing there.