I hesitated for a moment, but still didn't refuse Lu Qiaoyu's action.

We arrived at the site of the annual meeting.

This is one of the best hotels in Yancheng, and the annual meeting here is enough to show the financial strength of the company.

However, our company only has a small banquet hall.

Originally, I was worried that my dress was too exaggerated, but after I went in, I found that everyone was wearing a beautiful dress, and everyone was well dressed, so my heart was released.

A waiter came to take my coat for me. I hesitated and took it off.

Lu Qiaoyu is the vice president. As soon as he comes in, he is called away by Shu Qing.

He asked me to go, and I refused.

After all, Shuqing is surrounded by senior executives. If I am a small designer, I will definitely attract dissatisfaction.

I took a little fruit and cake and sat down in a corner.

As soon as I sat down, a man sat next to me.

I know him. He's Tao Xing from the customer department.

Tao Xingyi sat down and said, "Qin Jiaqi, you used to pack so tightly in the company. I didn't expect that your figure was so good and you looked very thin. I didn't expect that there should be meat..."

"Mr. Tao, we don't know each other well."

I interrupted him. When I looked at him, I found that the man's eyes were looking at the fork of my skirt.

I quickly pulled the skirt.

"Hey, hey, don't you get to know each other by talking?"

My movements did not affect Tao Xing's temperament at all, and my eyes moved from my legs to my chest.

I have no choice but to put my hand in my chest and try to find Lu Qiaoyu.

But because the annual meeting also invited some important customers, and the banquet hall is not big.

Lu Qiaoyu and his party may be blocked. I can't see them at a glance.

Tao Xing said, "Qin Jiaqi, I know that your women are more attractive than our men, but I'm sorry to show it. I'll tell you, I'm not so handsome, but I'm bigger than other men..."

"I'm not interested!"

I'm in a hurry.

Helpless, can only stand up to find Lu Qiaoyu.

When I got up, I saw Lu Qiaoyu and Shu Qing chatting with a big client of a company. If I used to do this, I would be too ignorant.

In desperation, I had to get up and go out.

Thinking, to the women's toilet, Tao Xing can't follow me any more?

I walked out quickly. When I came to the women's toilet, I heard Tao Xing's obscene voice behind me, "Hey, I said, you women are more attractive than US men. You can't hold on to me, can you?"

Tao Xing said and came to take my waist. "Walk, I know there's a mother and baby room over there..."

"Let go!" I was so scared that I pushed his hand aside. "I just came to the bathroom!"

"Hey! I like the strong and tasteful clothes

Tao Xing was bold.

I quickly walked to the bathroom, he directly pulled me out, "if I want to go to the men's room, I don't want to go to the women's room."

"Let go of me!"

I was really scared.

In fact, there are people passing by, but when you see our situation, you all shrink back.

When I was ready to call for help, I heard a voice, "let go."

Too familiar.

Last time, it was the same.

I looked up and saw two people standing at the end of the corridor. One was Ji Qingxuan, and the other was very familiar

I just can't remember for a moment.

Tao Xing squints his eyes and is about to look at people. Ji Qingxuan comes directly and punches him in the face!

His face swelled in an instant.

"How dare you hit me?" Tao Xingqi wants to fight back!

But he is too short, Ji Qingxuan has height advantage, without waiting for his fist, Ji Qingxuan directly kick open!

Then he raised his foot and kicked him in the stomach!

Two times, Tao Xing knew that he was not an opponent and ran away in fright!

As soon as Tao Xing left, the man beside Ji Qingxuan sneered, "Hey, big brother, I'm so big, but I saw you for the first time. How can I help you? Has sex changed? "

"Shut up."

Ji Qingxuan gave him a white look.

The man next to me looked at me, squinted for a long time, and suddenly patted on the forehead, "Hey, I think this beauty looks familiar! I remember. Are you the friend of that hot girl in the bar last time? "

Last time the bar

I recalled for a moment, and then remembered that the day I drank too much, this man asked Jiang Qin for his telephone number

"Your name is..."

"Hello, my name is yizian."

Yizian took the initiative to introduce himself, and then he took out a business card to hand it to me. As he handed it to me, he said, "for the sake of saving you, can you tell me the name of the beauty last time?"I haven't received the business card yet. Ji Qingxuan grabs it as soon as he reaches out his hand, pinches it into a paper ball and throws it on the ground, warning, "don't get in the way here."

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