Outside the door, I heard Ji Qingxuan's voice for a long time, "something's wrong. I have books and documents to put here. I want to take them back."


Yeah, he still has something with me.

Before, I was in a muddle, and later I was busy with my work, so I forgot about it.

I didn't open the door, "well, Mr. Ji, you wait, I'll clean it up for you."

"I'm going in."

I heard Ji Qingxuan's voice.

In fact, I am a little hesitant, but feel that although the divorce, but just to get things.

After taking it, I don't think it has anything to do with it.

I opened the door and the cold came.

Ji Qingxuan stood at the door, wearing a gray black coat, with many snowflakes on his shoulders and head.

To my surprise, didn't he drive straight to the basement? How can there be so much cold on the body, and snowflakes on the shoulders?

Is he coming from outside?

But I didn't want to care about him much. I just put him in, turned around and said, "Mr. Ji, wait a minute, I'll help you pack up."

He doesn't have many things, or very few things, just a paper bag.

I took down his books and documents from the bookshelf in the living room, found a paper bag and put it in, then handed it to him and said politely, "Mr. Ji, all the things are here. Please have a look. Is there anything missing?"

Ji Qingxuan took the paper bag and didn't look at it.

Deep eyes just staring at me, a wry smile, "it seems that after the divorce, you have a good life."

"Yes, it's been a good time."

I pretend to be calm.

I'm not doing well, I feel bad, but I can't say.

Ji Qingxuan nodded, "OK."

I always feel that men's eyes are a little confused, but I don't think much about it.