I squint at Ji Qingxuan, light smile, "yes, I clean body out of the house."

At this time, I was a little happy.

I'm happy that Ji Qingxuan finally stopped acting, so I don't have to nostalgia.

But Ji Qingxuan seems to be surprised by my answer, "Qin Jiaqi, do you agree?"

"Yes, what else does Mr. Ji want? If you like my house in Yancheng No.1, I'll give it to you, too. "

I looked at him in a distant voice.

Ji Qingxuan frowned deeply and said, "no need."

When the staff wrote the agreement, Ji Qingxuan added, "forget it, I will give him 20% shares of Optimus group as compensation."

His words surprised me.

But I quickly reflected that this should be Ji Qingxuan's new set for me.

I immediately refused, "I don't want it."

20% of Optimus group

It's worth at least 10 billion.

So much money, once I take it, I really can't get rid of Ji Qingxuan.

The staff looked at me suspiciously.

It seems to be the first time I've seen someone push money out.

"Qin Jiaqi, I'll give it to you. You must take it, or you won't want to divorce!"

Ji Qingxuan's tone is command.

I looked at him with a funny face, "what's Mr. Ji doing? Why did you rush to pay? "

"Qin Jiaqi..."

"I don't need compensation from President Ji. As long as president Ji can divorce me, I will thank God."

We do the divorce in the VIP office, where there is only one staff member who helps to write the divorce agreement.